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We are a small breeder that enjoy our havanese dogs .  My three children and I spend a lot of time with our dogs so when you get a puppy they will be well socialized and ready to become a part of your home. :)
We are also proud of our quality havanese.  Both of our females conform to the breed standard and are healthy dogs!!

Havanese are a great breed for a house dog.  They make a great lap dog and will soak up all the attention you can give them.  Our dogs weigh around ten pounds so they are a good size to take with you wherever you go.  Havanese do not shed and are believed to be hypoallergenic.  If a stranger comes to your door they will bark but they are quick to make friends once they see that there owner is friends with the stranger.

We believe that you will be very satisfied with one of our puppy's.

Goshen Indiana 46526
we are weighed on Gods scales and all found lacking